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Bonus Tracks

Some time ago, I got a newsletter saying Wende‘s new album № 9 would be out soon. It even included a nifty link to pre-order it. So I did. The album arrived, and all was well. Until I found out that there was an iTunes bonus track. * Damn. Then, yesterday, I found out that… Read more »

30 Day Song Challenge #28

Day 28: a song by an artist whose voice you love. Lana Lane — Symphony of Angels (live in Japan) This live version of “Symphony of Angels” was the last of three bonus tracks tacked onto Queen of the Ocean, the first Lana Lane album I bought, but I was sold long before I reached… Read more »

2010 in Lists

According to a long standing tradition, my last post of the year is that year represented in a series of list. The List of Favorite New Albums of the Year mr. a balladeer — Sorry, Kid.(No contest. Absolutely gorgeous.) Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One — Victims of the Modern Age(Although I’ve heard it all before,… Read more »

Hang Cool? Screw That!

As I said in my review of Hang Cool Teddy Bear, there’s one more thing about this album I need, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, to discuss: the complete clusterfuck the various record companies (Mercury/Universal and Loud & Proud/Roadrunner) managed to make of the formats the album was released in. If… Read more »

Customer Service

It happened again: I bought an album, only to find out that there are some bonus tracks on iTunes. And while previously I didn’t use iTunes by choice (I got my reasons, but I won’t bore you with them), now that my PC runs on Linux I can’t use it, even if I wanted to…. Read more »