First lines: Duma Key

Without a doubt, Duma Key is one of Stephen King’s finest works. In his oeuvre, it can be placed somewhere between Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Sure, there’s some spooky stuff, but like Shawshank and Mile, it’s first and foremost about the people.

Highly recommended.

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Stephen King — Duma Key
First line
Start with a blank surface.

No promises, no debts

My momma always told me that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. (Actually, I can’t recall her ever telling me that, but bear with me.) Your mother probably told you the same thing, as it seems like something every mother is bound to tell sooner or later. And if it wasn’t your mother who told you that, it might have been your father, your grandmother or the neighbor from down the street. It’s just one of those universal things. So I’m pretty sure that Meat Loaf has heard it too.

On April 23rd, 2003, he stood on the stage in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, and made a promise he didn’t keep:

And also in December, I promise, when we come back here, there was a song that people have requested tonight, and I will do it for you in December, a song called “[For] Crying Out Loud”.

And I will … Mark my words, “[For] Crying Out Loud” will be in this show when we come back in December.

Let’s just say that the Couldn’t Have Said It Better World Tour visited six countries, and The Netherlands wasn’t one of them. And it wasn’t performed during either of the following two concerts he did over here. There are some rumors that he planned on including it on the last leg of the Three Bats/Seize the Night Tour, but that one was cut short a few shows in. As far as I know, after promising to play “For Crying Out Loud”, he has performed it just once, as documented on the Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra DVD.

So now that Meat Loaf has announced a concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on August 4, 2008 (tickets on sale this saturday at 10am), I think I might as well repeat what I said last January:

Dear Meat Loaf, sir, in March 2003 you promised to be back in December and play “For Crying Out Loud”. You didn’t come back to play it then. Meanwhile, it’s 2008, and I think it’s time to deliver the goods. Crapdammit!

Pretty please?

Meme time 3: Musical navel gazing

Since I’m way too lazy to do some real blogging, I stole this from the internets. Deal with it. ;-)

The instructions for this one are simple: open up your favorite music player (in my case, foobar 2000) and answer the following questions truthfully.

  • How many songs total: 12,291
  • How many hours or days of music: 6 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and change.
  • Most recently played: Circle II Circle — “Burden of Truth” (acoustically enhanced)
  • Most played: Jim Steinman — “(Vespers) The Song of Gotham City / The Graveyard Shift” (40 plays according to
  • Most recently added: Meat Loaf — 3 Bats Live
  • Sort by song title:
    • First Song: Metallica — “- Human” (pronounced m?’n?s hy?’m?n)
    • Last Song: Acda en De Munnik — “Zwerver met een Wekker”
  • Sort by time:
    • Shortest Song: Dream Theater — “John Thinks He’s Randy Song” (0:10)
    • Longest Song: Dream Theater — “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” (41:33)
  • Sort by album:
    • First album: Meat Loaf — (Give Me the Future with A) Modern Girl
    • Last album: Zwerfhond — Zingend de Kerk in (not counting a title-less bootleg recorded in Zurich)
  • First song that comes up on shuffle: Bløf — Mooie Dag (live)
  • Search the following and state how many songs come up:
    • Death: 124 (including Iron Maiden’s Live after Death, Dance of Death, Death on the Road and A Matter of Life and Death albums)
    • Life: 195 (including 26 versions of “Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back”, and 11 versions of “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence)
    • Love: 491 (“I’d Do Anything for ~” — 43, “Dead Ringer for ~” — 27)
    • Hate: 13
    • You: 675 (excluding ‘young’, ‘Youp’ and ‘your’, including 38 versions of “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth”)
    • Sex: 35 (including a Meat Loaf bootleg called Sex Muffin)

This one’s for you

As a Springsteen fan and someone who has a soft spot for tastefully played organs in rock music, it saddened me to learn that E Street Band keyboardist Danny Federici died yesterday.

Here’s two songs to celebrate his life and music.

  • Bruce Springsteen – Give the Girl a Kiss (1977 Darkness on the Edge of Town outtake, with some tasty keyboards)
  • Bruce Springsteen – Racing in the Street (live) (from Live 1975–1985, with loads of tasty keyboards)