No post today

On October 15, a copy of mr. Loaf’s latest DVD was send to me from the UK. Of course, that did mean that it would arrive during my holiday, but so be it. When I came home, my mailbox was empty. Okay, I thought, maybe it is delayed. But then I found out that similar packages were delivered throughout The Netherlands on the 19th. Crapdammit. I put up a note by the mailboxes asking the neighbors if the mailperson had delivered it to one of them but forgot to leave me a note, and I waited.

By the time it was November 9th, I was done waiting. No neighbor came forward, and after I double checked at the post office to see if it was delivered there (it wasn’t), I contacted the sender. The address they used was correct, and they agreed to send a replacement. That was November 12.

Around the same time, some kind person from the UK send some stuff my way.

And now it is two weeks later, November 27th, and still, neither one of the packages arrived. In fact, no post has arrived at all. Granted, I have a “Don’t bother me with advertisements and door-to-door newspapers” sticker on my mailbox, but even so: two weeks without anything? I’m finding it hard to believe.

Today, I was expecting a letter (nothing fancy, just a standard, national postal transaction), and guess what? Indeed, nothing. I’m starting to consider two options:

  1. Someone is stealing everything from my mailbox;
  2. TNT Post and Royal Mail are plotting against me.

In the past few years, the quality of the postal deliveries in The Netherlands has declined a lot. I’m waiting until tomorrow to see if today’s post shows up, but whether it does or it does not, I will be filing a complaint. I can understand that sometimes something gets lost in the mail, but I only had that happening to me once in the past ten years or so. And now, three times in two months? I don’t buy that.

This past weekend

Finally, after making and subsequently changing plans at least thirty two times, the Dapster made it all the way to Amersfoort last saturday. And that’s probably just because he had to be in Zwolle the following day, so it only served his selfish interest. I had a terrible, rotten time and did not enjoy it at all.

I would have given you a link where you can tell him he’s ugly, but all I could find was an abandoned LiveJournal and a Hyves, but since it seems he doesn’t even want to fake to be my ‘friend’, he can go and die a slow and painful death so that it hurts. Crapdammit.

Some days…

This morning, I bought a ticket for the second-to-last performance of Tanz der Vampire in Berlin. A Steingathering is always fun.

This afternoon, I came home and found a message in the mail, saying that my presence was requested on a family-thing, in exactly the same weekend.


Now, I have to arrange something for the ticket. I don’t think it will be much of a problem to find someone for it — in fact, there is a volunteer — but I’ll have to figure out how to do it. I arranged for a pickup at the box office, so I’ll have to see if I can get them to mail the ticket. We’ll see.

First Lines: The Light Fantastic

In Terry Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic the Discworld is on a collision course with a humongous red star, and the only one who can (and eventually does) save the planet is a cowardly wizard, last seen falling over the edge of the world.

I’m still not fully converted to the Church of Pratchettism, but I am told that the first couple of books in the Discworld series are a bit weak. We’ll see.

Terry Pratchett — The Light Fantastic
The sun rose slowly, as if it wasn’t sure it was worth the effort.

Die andere zanger met stemproblemen

Soms maken ze het mij te makkelijk: eerst hoor je op de radio in een reclame voor echte Noord-Hollandse kaas de vraag of je zin hebt om live mee te zingen tijdens de “Jantje Smit komt naar je toe deze zomer toer 2008”, en vervolgens kom je er tijdens het zoeken naar een bevestiging dat de tekst van zijn nieuwe single inderdaad zo diepzinnig is als je dacht te horen — en jawel, hij’s diep — achter dat zijn uitgestelde album “Stilte in de Storm” moet gaan heten…