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As we speak, I am probably in the south of France, and this post was prepared in advance for your pleasure.

There should be another post on sunday.

The French connection

As we speak, I am probably in the south of France, and this post was prepared in advance for your pleasure.

The statistics show me that the “Did I Play That?” posts containing Steinman-related music are more popular than those that explore my other musical inclinations. Mentioning a post on the Rockman Record also helps, but as this page has an RSS-feed, anyone who wants to know when I got some new goodies can keep their eyes on that. So here is some Steinman with a French connection:

To the best of my knowledge, Tirage limité réservé aux exploitants des juxeboxes et a la promotion means something like “released for jukeboxes and promotion only.” This description can be found on a rare 1981 French single of Jimmy’s “Stark Raving Love”. On the A-side is “Part 1” (everything up to the multiple guitar finale) and on the B-side, you guessed it, is “Part 2”. Nothing really special, but a nice curiosity.

  • Jim Steinman – Stark Raving Love (Part 1) [mp3 download]
  • Jim Steinman – Stark Raving Love (Part 2) [mp3 download]

I’ll add them to the download page once I’m back. There should be another post one wednesday.

Les vacances, il sont arrivés

In a little while, I’ll start on the first leg of my journey to the south of France. Since I don’t plan on using a computer unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’ve prepared a couple of posts for the next week, so you won’t be that bored when I’m gone. Au revoir for now.

Old and New

Some years ago, while helping someone to pack up her stuff before moving to the south of France, I was asked to use my advanced online tracking skills to replace a ‘misplaced’ album, by some singer/songwriter I never heard of. With some persistence I was able to find all tracks, and without listing to the files to find out if they were börked I burned them to CD. From what I’ve heard, I made someone very happy.

Fast forward to some weeks ago. I was once again browsing through the best record store in town, and under the letter ‘P’, I saw a LP with a familiar title. It was Dory Previn‘s Mythical Kings and Iguanas, and indeed, it was that album I was once asked to replace. Since the LP was dead cheap, I was in a mellow mood and I was looking for something new, I took it home. After I payed for it of course.

To my surprise, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I quite dug it. It fits nicely into the more mellow part of my collection, along with Simon and Garfunkel, Lisa Loeb and the like. Because I suck at describing how it sounds, I might as well let you experience it yourself: go ahead and download “Angels and Demons the Following Day” [mp3 download] and “Going Home (Mythical Kings and Iguanas)” [mp3 download]. “Lady with the Braid” [mp3 download], from the live LP Live at Carnegie Hall that I picked up some time later, also originates from Mythical Kings. Pops and crackles are once again on the house.

There are a few reasons why I am pestering you with these definitely unhip and uncool songs, is that they somehow remind me of a definitely hip and cool singer/songwriter from New Jersey, named Jenny Owen Youngs. I found her song “Fuck was I” [mp3 download] on the internet, and was intrigued by the title alone. Took a bit of getting used to her voice, but then it grew under my skin, and I was hooked. And her totally awsum cover of “Hot in Herre” has a totally awsum video too. Or that’s just the blood rushing from my head speaking.

As always, all active downloads can be found on the downloads page.


It is said that if you plan on having a successful weblog, you should post regularly, and never apologize when you don’t manage to do so. So you can consider this a non-apology, since I never planned to be successful at this.

When I posted my planning almost two weeks ago, I said that I would probably take some time off. And since it still looks like it’s actually gonna happen, let me fill you in: coming thursday, I will be leaving for the south of France with some friends, and we will be gone for ten days.