First Lines: Cujo

The best synopsis of Stephen King’s novel Cujo can be found in one of his other books, On Writing. While explaining that writers should forget plot, but remember the importance of ‘situation’, he writes that

A strong enough situation renders the whole question of plot moot. The most interesting situations can usually be expressed as a What-if question:

What if a young mother and her son became trapped in their stalled car by a rabid dog?

Of course, there is more to Cujo than just that. As in every novel by King, several subplots are neatly intertwined, and some of those will be deus-ex-machinaed out of the story when they’ve fulfilled their purpose. It’s most definitely not King’s best work (written at a peak of drug and alcohol abuse), but it’s not bad at all.

Book read
Stephen King – Cujo
First line
Once upon a time, not so long ago, a monster came to the small town of Castle Rock, Maine.