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Meat Loaf in Amsterdam

The short: much better then Cologne. Mr Loaf’s voice was in a better shape then it was two weeks ago, but that was hardly surprising. The sound was very good, the band and the show still rocked, the edit of Anything for Love still doesn’t make sense, the banter throughout Paradise seemed to have no… Read more »

Them’s fighting words

A week ago today, I went all the way to Cologne, Germany, to see Meat Loaf perform live at the Kölnarena. And to but it bluntly, he sucked ass. His voice was terrible. During his very first song — yes, that one — it struck me that if he would sing any slower, he’d be… Read more »

And that’s the end of the working week

You can go ahead and blame both Casema and TNT Post for my lack of updates. If they don’t send and deliver the do-it-yourself internet hookup fun package, I don’t get to blog much. And I probably won’t be posting until some time next week. Tomorrow I’m going to Cologne to see mr. Loaf in… Read more »

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Several things

Hi, welcome on my new website. Today is my 10.000th day on this planet. W00t. Tomorrow, noonish, I am going to move to my new apartment. W00t². No, I won’t explain the card I’ll be sending out soonish. Not even to you. kthxbye.

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