First Lines: Blaze

Richard Bachman died in 1985 of cancer of the pseudonym, shortly after releasing his novel Thinner. In 1995, another book was unearthed, a novel called The Regulators, which had remarkable similarities to Desperation by Stephen King, that was released at the same time.

Now, in 2007, another one of Bachman’s early novels has resurfaced. Blaze tells the story of Clayton Blaisdell, jr. — Blaze to his chums — who kidnaps a baby for ransom. But frankly, that doesn’t matter a bit: what matters is that this might be the best of the bunch. Blaze is a cleary well-developed character, the narrative just flows gently along… none of the other Bachman books have so much going for them. Alas, it looks like the well is dry now. ‘Tis a pity, I say, ’cause I would have loved more of this. Tell sai Bachman I say thankee.

Book read
Richard Bachman — Blaze
First line
George was somewhere in the dark.