Did I play that?

With just over a day left in the month, I have about 99% of my bandwidth left to burn. It would be a shame to let that go to waste. So, welcome to episode one of something that may or may not become a semi-regular feature on this weblog: “Did I play that?”

As you might know, I have recently moved to a new apartment. One of the reasons for that (albeit a minor one) was the lack of space for a record player. I have a decent amount of vinyl — most of it of course Meat Loaf and/or Jim Steinman related — and for the last five, six years, nothing to play it with. Getting a record player was high on my list of priorities.

When I got back from Hungary a few weeks ago, my bosses had a nice surprise for me. As a present for my new home, they gave me a USB turntable. Hooking it up to my amp wasn’t much of a problem, and neither was hooking it up to my computer. Plug the USB-out of the turntable into a USB-in, change some settings, and go. I might just go ahead and upgrade the element, but all in all, it’s a great piece of gear.

Since I last had a record player at my disposal, I’ve acquired quite a lot of new material on vinyl. Some of it was also available on CD, but a significant chunk is only available on LP. So you can imagine that I wanted to explore the latter bit first. One of those items was a fairly unknown Meat Loaf single.

In 1987, Meat Loaf released his first official live album, called Live. From that album, “Bat Out of Hell” was released as a single. Both the 7? and the 12? version of that single contain a rather brutal edit. Those who think that what mr. Loaf did to “I’d Do Anything for Love” on his current tour was sacrilegious, are just going to love this. [single info] [download]

As a bonus, I’ve also included another Dutch cover of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. This one is by Paul de Leeuw and Imca Marina. [details] [download]