First Lines: Verzamelde Mannen

Diederik van Vleuten & Erk van Muiswinkel — Verzamelde Mannen
Zaallicht gaat uit. Doek open.

All right, not the first lines exactly, but close enough. It sets the stage for the rest of the book, which is a compilation of the texts of Van Vleuten and Van Muiswinkel’s first three theater programs: Mannen van de Wereld, Mannen op de Maan and Mannen met Vaste Lasten (Men of the World, ~ on the Moon and ~ with Overhead Costs respectively).

As this book is mostly concerned with humor, I won’t even try to explain it. Just download their award winning song from Mannen op de Maan, Tibet (link expired). I’ve considered it for several 700MB CDs, but I never got round to it. And since I don’t see Part V happening anytime soon, what the hell.

On a related final note: I’ll be seeing their fifth show Prediker en Hooglied in March.