I’m a published photographer

Today I got a notice that for the second time, one of my creative commons licensed photo’s was included in an online travel guide.

The Old Royal Naval College The first picture was taken in Greenwich, London, England in September 2005 and depicts the Old Royal Naval College. It was taken the day before I left: I spent the morning walking around in Camden and Nothing Hill, and the afternoon lazing in the meadow in front of the Royal Observatory and the prime meridian. On my way back to the tube, I shot this picture. (Full disclosure: there was a crane to the right of the buildings in the background. I ‘shopped it out.)

The Rape of PolyxenaThe second picture was taken on the Piazza della Signoria, in Florence, Italy in November 2006. On the photo you can see a statue called “The Rape of Polyxena” by Pio Fedi (1816–1892). It stand inside the Loggia dei Lanzi, and this might just be my favorite place in Florence. In Greek mythology, Achilles fell in love with Polyxena, who in the end betrayed him, by revealing his only weakness. So now you know why women are mens’ Achilles’ heel. (Full disclosure: I cropped the picture a bit to get the “composition” right.)

You can find both pictures on a Schmap. One is in the museum section of the Schmap London Guide and the other in the The Political Centre section of the Schmap Florence Guide.