Some thoughts

In case you wonder, yes, I had a great time on Texel. Very relaxing weekend, all in all.

And since I haven’t done any update on what’s going on, here’s what’s happening: not much. Still no couch or storage solution for my books and CDs. Friday, they’ll finally deliver my new mattress, and then it’s only a matter of waiting for the expansion set for my bed, so it will fit. Also, I’ve still to find some sort of shade to cover the door to the balcony, a frame for at least one of my Tanz der Vampire posters and maybe some more art for on the walls. There is a piece coming in, and you’ll be among the first to know what it is when it arrives.

Reviewing that list, I can only conclude that I’m not much motivated to do anything right now. I still have to finish a website for a friend, and I still got to fix this one too. Also, I could make some effort to convert some LPs that still need some attention. Guess I’m just a natural procrastinator.

Flying Spaghetti Monster be praised, tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We all know that global warming is directly related to the declining number of true pirates, and that they’re better than ninjas, so I’ll be throwin in many a arrrg in the ‘morrow, me hearties. Avast and ahoy and all that.