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Some thoughts

In case you wonder, yes, I had a great time on Texel. Very relaxing weekend, all in all. And since I haven’t done any update on what’s going on, here’s what’s happening: not much. Still no couch or storage solution for my books and CDs. Friday, they’ll finally deliver my new mattress, and then it’s… Read more »

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Taking a break

It has taken me 26 years, 5 months and 25 days to visit all twelve provinces of The Netherlands. Still, I haven’t visited any of the waddeneilanden. That’s going to change today, as I’m going to Texel this afternoon. I’ll be back on sunday. In the meantime, behave.

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First Lines: Christine

Last month, I spend quite a lot of time in bed with Christine. The book, that is. I know, bad joke. Sorry. One would suspect that Christine is one of King’s more well known works . A quick, non-representative poll (name tree books and/or movies by Stephen King) didn’t support that theory. It, Carrie, The… Read more »


While watching the new Heaven and Hell DVD Live at Radio City Music Hall, it came to me. Listening to “The Mule” on Deep Purple’s Made in Japan just confirmed it: solo spots are overrated. While I’m perfectly fine with a guitarist shredding away during an extended solo in a song, I can’t stand it… Read more »

I’m a published photographer

Today I got a notice that for the second time, one of my creative commons licensed photo’s was included in an online travel guide. The first picture was taken in Greenwich, London, England in September 2005 and depicts the Old Royal Naval College. It was taken the day before I left: I spent the morning… Read more »

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