The final quarter

It’s just the second day of the month, and yet my agenda is pretty much filled up until November: if all goes according to plan, my first weekend without obligations outside Amersfoort is starting on November 3rd.

This weeken, I am meeting most of the same people for the third week in a row, but this time for the monthly dinner. Tuesday November October 8th 9th I have an appointment to get my butt kicked by Dream Theater in Rotterdam, and the following day is the first (volleyball-)competition round of the season. (I’m hoping that if I skip practice once again this week, my knee should be able to handle that.) Saturday the 13th I have two birthdays. And while I probably could skip the (then) one year old’s one, it wouldn’t be entirely nice of me to skip my little brother‘s birthday, so what the heck. And then, while I still have to work some details out, I’m taking some time off. More to follow on that. And indeed, there is some work to be done inbetween.

Compared to that, November is looking pretty quiet so far. Three engagements in two theaters and once again Ahoy’ Rotterdam, and a ridiculously early Sinterklaas-party. December has just one entry besides the regular stuff everybody has to deal with. And then it’s 2008 already.

So, what are your plans for the rest of the year?