Old and New

Some years ago, while helping someone to pack up her stuff before moving to the south of France, I was asked to use my advanced online tracking skills to replace a ‘misplaced’ album, by some singer/songwriter I never heard of. With some persistence I was able to find all tracks, and without listing to the files to find out if they were börked I burned them to CD. From what I’ve heard, I made someone very happy.

Fast forward to some weeks ago. I was once again browsing through the best record store in town, and under the letter ‘P’, I saw a LP with a familiar title. It was Dory Previn‘s Mythical Kings and Iguanas, and indeed, it was that album I was once asked to replace. Since the LP was dead cheap, I was in a mellow mood and I was looking for something new, I took it home. After I payed for it of course.

To my surprise, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I quite dug it. It fits nicely into the more mellow part of my collection, along with Simon and Garfunkel, Lisa Loeb and the like. Because I suck at describing how it sounds, I might as well let you experience it yourself: go ahead and download “Angels and Demons the Following Day” [mp3 download] and “Going Home (Mythical Kings and Iguanas)” [mp3 download]. “Lady with the Braid” [mp3 download], from the live LP Live at Carnegie Hall that I picked up some time later, also originates from Mythical Kings. Pops and crackles are once again on the house.

There are a few reasons why I am pestering you with these definitely unhip and uncool songs, is that they somehow remind me of a definitely hip and cool singer/songwriter from New Jersey, named Jenny Owen Youngs. I found her song “Fuck was I” [mp3 download] on the internet, and was intrigued by the title alone. Took a bit of getting used to her voice, but then it grew under my skin, and I was hooked. And her totally awsum cover of “Hot in Herre” has a totally awsum video too. Or that’s just the blood rushing from my head speaking.

As always, all active downloads can be found on the downloads page.