The French connection

As we speak, I am probably in the south of France, and this post was prepared in advance for your pleasure.

The statistics show me that the “Did I Play That?” posts containing Steinman-related music are more popular than those that explore my other musical inclinations. Mentioning a post on the Rockman Record also helps, but as this page has an RSS-feed, anyone who wants to know when I got some new goodies can keep their eyes on that. So here is some Steinman with a French connection:

To the best of my knowledge, Tirage limité réservé aux exploitants des juxeboxes et a la promotion means something like “released for jukeboxes and promotion only.” This description can be found on a rare 1981 French single of Jimmy’s “Stark Raving Love”. On the A-side is “Part 1” (everything up to the multiple guitar finale) and on the B-side, you guessed it, is “Part 2”. Nothing really special, but a nice curiosity.

  • Jim Steinman – Stark Raving Love (Part 1) [mp3 download]
  • Jim Steinman – Stark Raving Love (Part 2) [mp3 download]

I’ll add them to the download page once I’m back. There should be another post one wednesday.