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Old and New

Some years ago, while helping someone to pack up her stuff before moving to the south of France, I was asked to use my advanced online tracking skills to replace a ‘misplaced’ album, by some singer/songwriter I never heard of. With some persistence I was able to find all tracks, and without listing to the… Read more »


It is said that if you plan on having a successful weblog, you should post regularly, and never apologize when you don’t manage to do so. So you can consider this a non-apology, since I never planned to be successful at this. When I posted my planning almost two weeks ago, I said that I… Read more »

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The final quarter

It’s just the second day of the month, and yet my agenda is pretty much filled up until November: if all goes according to plan, my first weekend without obligations outside Amersfoort is starting on November 3rd. This weeken, I am meeting most of the same people for the third week in a row, but… Read more »

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