I just got an email:

De voorstelling van Meat Loaf, welke in Ahoy’ te Rotterdam op 20-11-2007 zou plaatsvinden is afgelast. Dit in verband met een cyste op de stemband van de zanger. Er komt geen vervangende datum. De kaarten kunnen worden ingeleverd tot 20-12-2007 bij één van onze verkooppunten.

Or in short and understandable English, due to a cyst on his vocal chord, all remaining dates of Meat Loaf’s European tour have been cancelled, and will not be rescheduled. In a statement, Mr. Loaf said he would be back, which will probably be sometime early next year.

I can’t say I’m surprised at all. After leaving the stage halfway through a his show in Newcastle last week and the subsequent cancellation of three shows on the very last moment, this was to be expected. And I rather have a decent sounding Loaf in 2008 than another concert on par with his Amsterdam and Cologne performances earlier this year.

In my ten years of concert-going, this is only the second time a band canceled on me. The first was Savatage, who had to cancel their 1997 or ’98 performance in Baarlo due to a guitarist breaking a bone in his hand.