For the list: mania 3

  • For those keeping score: the mailperson delivered the national letter today, but still no sign of the international packages. A complaint is filed. Also, I’ve canceled my Tanz ticket and can now go on a family trip, a little more than 11 kilometers (as the crow flies) from my house. According to this site, that’s at least 520 km closer than to home then Berlin would’ve been.
  • For people in doubt:
  • For those who know Shakespeare: “Hamlet shaken by murder then suicide” is a serious contender for the headline of the century.
  • For those who think God might be a DJ: The Christian alliance of Christenunie/SGP in Naaldwijk’s town council want a ban on house parties (dutch only) in the historic Oude Kerk. Their arguments are iffy: I can appreciate the concern that the historic church might be damaged, but on the other hand, arguing that having a party where “music is performed that is in stark contrast to the psalms and hymns to God’s glory” in a church should be forbidden holds no ground whatsoever. That’s not something the government should get involved in, as I would assume that the people who rented out the church for this party would know what went on. Plus that they get their facts wrong: according to the promoters’ website, there was a mix of soul, funk, jazz, disco, a live lounge-jazz band, a groovy set from some DJ, Candy Dulfer, and some more soul to top it off. I would hardly call that a house party.
  • For the people who remember Peter Pan Guy: Holy sweet mother of all that’s bright and shiny!
  • For the Dream Theater fans: still not officially confirmed, but the proposed title for an upcoming compilation is “Greatest Hit & 19 other pretty cool tunes”.
  • For the Dutchies: Vincent points to the longlist for the woord van het jaar 2007. Islamneutraal ftw.
  • And finally, for the lovers of lists: the 2007 list of lists.