One way ticket to Spain, please

Tonight it’s Sinterklaasavond. Which means that if all goes well, I’ll be on my way to Spain tomorrow. And if de Sint thinks I’ve been a good boy, well, here I am, breaking the law again.

Another typically Dutch thing is Kinderen voor Kinderen. Sort of a children’s choir singing popsongs, often dealing with serious issues. Their song “Ik ben toch zeker Sinterklaas niet” [mp3] (featuring other Dutch children’s icon Edwin ‘ome Willem‘ Rutten) is barely about Sinterklaas. It’s written by Henk en Henk, who are also responsible for the inferior “Sinterklaas (Wie kent hem niet?)” [live version on youtube]. I was going to write more about this, but while digging up that last video, I came across this:

A few years ago, I was discussing how great it would be if you’d ‘punk up’ some Kinderen voor Kinderen songs. And apparently, Kinderen tegen Kinderen do exactly that. You can download this song from their website.