Nearly there

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to my parents for Christmas. I’ll be back home on the 27th, for, you know work. Saturday, I’m going to see Krezip in Amsterdam, but I’m traveling via my parents and a friend who’s also going. I’m still debating whether or not to take the 31st off from work, because I’m not entirely sure it’s worth to travel up and down for half a day, as I’m ordered to make an appearance with some friends. Work does resume on January 2nd, so I’ll have to go home on New Years’ Day anyway. Then the following Saturday, it’s my father’s birthday… followed by a volleyball tournament in Amersfoort at 10AM the next day.

If you’re keeping score, that’s up to four times the same trip, in two weeks time. Woo-fuckin-hoo.

Here’s the final batch of seasonal sounds.

  • Kinderen voor Kinderen is a Dutch children’s choir, who have released albums since 1980. The fifth came out in 1984, and it’s probably the first one I can remember. “Als de lichtjes doven” [mp3] has a message about war, famine and immigration that is still a relevant today: Christmas seems to promise us peace, time and time again / But the cannons sound again / When the lights go down. I know, musically and vocally it may probably the worst song I offered here, but this is nostalgia talking
  • Their 11th album came out in 1990, and contains “De Kerstezel” [mp3]. It’s the story of a boy who has to play the donkey’s ass in the nativity play, and gets teased about it. Kinderen tegen Kinderen (from the Sinterklaas song below) have covered it, and it’s on their website. Or if you’d like it covered as if it were 80’s hair metal, there’s the Patatje Metal version on megaupload.
  • South Park’s Mr. Garrison has a message too: merry fuckin Christmas [mp3].
  • In 2001, Within Temptation released a Christmas song upon the world, praising Ragnagord, the Evil Reindeer Overlord. Merry Gothic Christmas [mp3].
  • Finally, Sum 41 teamed up with Tenacious D, made a list of things they want, and sung about it in “Things I Want” [mp3].

Have a nice one, and see you on the other side.