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One way ticket to Spain, please

Tonight it’s Sinterklaasavond. Which means that if all goes well, I’ll be on my way to Spain tomorrow. And if de Sint thinks I’ve been a good boy, well, here I am, breaking the law again. Another typically Dutch thing is Kinderen voor Kinderen. Sort of a children’s choir singing popsongs, often dealing with serious… Read more »

For the list: mania 3

For those keeping score: the mailperson delivered the national letter today, but still no sign of the international packages. A complaint is filed. Also, I’ve canceled my Tanz ticket and can now go on a family trip, a little more than 11 kilometers (as the crow flies) from my house. According to this site, that’s… Read more »

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No post today

On October 15, a copy of mr. Loaf’s latest DVD was send to me from the UK. Of course, that did mean that it would arrive during my holiday, but so be it. When I came home, my mailbox was empty. Okay, I thought, maybe it is delayed. But then I found out that similar… Read more »

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This past weekend

Finally, after making and subsequently changing plans at least thirty two times, the Dapster made it all the way to Amersfoort last saturday. And that’s probably just because he had to be in Zwolle the following day, so it only served his selfish interest. I had a terrible, rotten time and did not enjoy it… Read more »

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Some days…

This morning, I bought a ticket for the second-to-last performance of Tanz der Vampire in Berlin. A Steingathering is always fun. This afternoon, I came home and found a message in the mail, saying that my presence was requested on a family-thing, in exactly the same weekend. Crapdammit. Now, I have to arrange something for… Read more »

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