Some statistics

My new website went live just after I moved to my new apartment in June. This time, I’m keeping track of my esteemed visitors. Here are some numbers.

  • There have been 1,207 visits from 620 unique visitors, resulting in 2,109 pageviews.
  • People have been visiting from 39 countries, covering all six continents. The five countries with the most visits are
    1. The Netherlands (no surprise there)
    2. United States
    3. United Kingdom
    4. Germany
    5. Italy
  • Of the search engines, Google is sending the most people my way. 118 different keywords have been recorded, and of those, ‘’ was the most popular, with 57 visits, all from Italy. Grazi! ‘Crapdamned’ and ‘evil nickname’ share the second place (8 hits), before ‘evil nicknames’ (6) and lolsecretz (4).
  • Overall, there are a lot of Loaf/Steinman related keywords. The most random keyword was ‘breskens p0rn’.
  • Latest report from the browser wars:
    1. Internet Explorer: 67.85% (IE7: 55%, IE6: 45%)
    2. Firefox / Netscape / Mozilla: 29.82%
    3. Safari: 1.66%
    4. Opera: 0.66%
  • I’ve made 62 posts, of which the following were the most popular:
    1. On the Faster than the Speed of Night singles
    2. Did I play that?
    3. Public appeal (and guess what? no reactions whatsoever)
    4. So, I’ve been to Budapest (quite popular in Hungary, too)
    5. You can slice it any way you want it
  • Four people (including me) left 17 comments.
  • As of today, more then 800 comments were rejected as spam.
  • My download-directory logged 9.4 GB of trafic.
  • The five files that files that wasted the most bandwidth are:
    1. MeatLoaf-(ItHurts)OnlyWhenIFeel.mp3 (1.1 GB)
    2. OverTheTop-(ItHurts)OnlyWhenIFeel.mp3 (644 MB)
    3. MeatLoaf-ImGonnaLoveHerforBothofUs-(vinyl_rip).mp3 (455 MB)
    4. BonnieTyler-ItsaJungleOutThere-(SpecialJimSteinmanRemix).mp3 (291 MB)
    5. BonnieTyler-TOOT-RalphisSoftDub.mp3 (270 MB)
  • And the bottom of the list:
    • VinnyAppice-DrumSolo.mp3 (17 MB, 3 downloads)
    • KvK11-DeKerstezel.mp3 (22 MB, 5 downloads)

Then, I have this almost complete archive of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman lyrics. Since it’s a mess of frames and static html-pages, adding Google Analytics isn’t happening anytime soon. So I can only go by what the server logs tell me:

  • Bandwidth usage: 286 MB of html, css and the occasional image.
  • A grand total of 23605 pageviews by 8934 visitors

The number of visitors seem to be increasing every month, and even though Google does not love frames, I’m getting some search engine love anyway. Yahoo seems to send more people to the archive then to my weblog. I know I probably should redo the whole site as a database driven, dynamic website, but that’s an awful lot of work. Don’t keep your hopes up.

As always, I’m open for suggestions, and feel free to leave a comment anytime. Thanks for stopping by.