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When I couldn’t find the inspiration for a seasonal card late last year, I contemplated sending one out celebrating the 29th of February. Looking back on this day, I’m kinda glad I didn’t do that either. February 29, 2008 turned out to be a day pretty much like any other.

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Eerste zinnen: Dit lees je nooit

Het boekje met alle columns die Jeroen van Merwijk schreef voor het Utrechts Nieuwsblad, begint aldus: Boek Jeroen van Merwijk — Dit lees je nooit Eerste zin Is dat nou moeilijk, een column schrijven? Waarop het antwoord luidt, Nee, hoor. Een column schrijven is het makkelijkste dat er is. Toen ik na afloop van zijn… Read more »

First Lines: Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

In my CD collection there are quite a few bands who have delved deep into Lovecraft’s work to find inspiration for their art: Iron Maiden (look at the covers of Life after Death and No Prayer for the Dying), Metallica (“The Call of Ktulu”, “The Thing That Should Not Be”), The Vision Bleak (they’re pretty… Read more »

Levels of Hell

Some people don’t really like “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. In fact, this is an actual statement I came across today: I hate that song, and believe there is a special layer of Hell that plays nothing but Jim Steinman songs. Of course, that would be paradise. So I started to wonder what other levels… Read more »

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Seen live: Wende

Tonight, in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, I got knocked over the head. Again. It was the fourth time I saw a show by Wende Snijders, and just like the previous three times, it was totally beyond awesome. She has the voice and the power to convince me, even when I don’t have the remotest clue what… Read more »

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