Random thoughts (2008-02-15)

  • Trying to install Ubuntu on an old Sony Vaio might just drive me to insanity #
  • after multiple (probably external CD-rom related) failures, trying again with xubuntu … if this does not work, I’m giving up #
  • Wat is nog irritanter dan de KPN-"goedemoggel" TV reclame? Juist: de radio versie. Of de mensen die het nu nog steeds leuk vinden. #
  • xubuntu can go to hell too as far as I’m concerned. If any you technical guys reading this know how to fix it: you got my number. #
  • Holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it! #
  • @Cyhwuhx Crashed again in sight of the harbour. Something about lives being lemons, wanting a refund and all that. #
  • w00t! posting using xubuntu on an some old, overheated laptop. bring on the beer. #