The prime-minister needs to STFU

While I should be doing constructive — like working on that presentation for Friday, or planning what to cook for nine people on Saturday — my mind can’t stop going over something our prime-minister said. Yesterday, in an interview for ‘Hour of Power’ (the interview starts about 33 minutes in), he said

Omdat je zonder het geloof ook niet kunt functioneren.

Without faith, you can’t function. According to the prime-minster, roughly half (if not more) of The Netherlands cannot function. Given the context, there is no room for discussion that he might have meant it in a broader sense: he says that you can’t function if you don’t have faith (in the same things he has faith in).

Lately, I’ve become increasingly annoyed by the way the religious politicians want to impose their beliefs on the rest of the country. If the prime-minister does not go down on his bare knees and begs the whole country for forgiveness for this fine example of how not to behave in a nation-wide discussion about morals and values, as far as I’m concerned, he can just resign.