Seen live: Wende

Tonight, in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, I got knocked over the head. Again. It was the fourth time I saw a show by Wende Snijders, and just like the previous three times, it was totally beyond awesome. She has the voice and the power to convince me, even when I don’t have the remotest clue what she’s singing about. Tonight, she sang of course in French and Dutch, but also in English, Spanish and South-African.

Instead of a combo including cellos, violins, etc., she was backed by a jazzy combo of piano, bass and drums this time, which led to some different arrangements. I especially liked what Arthur Lijten did on drums.

Once again, I would strongly urge everyone to go and check her out. I might be slightly biased, but then it would seem I’m not the only one: the whole audience was ‘demanded’ a second encore. But she’s just that good. She’s touring this show until April, and here are two songs you might enjoy:

  • Je Suis Comme Je Suis (from Quand tu dors)
  • De dame vloert de blues (from La fille noyée)