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Friday night at Lost&Found

First things first: There is no photographic evidence, and there won’t be any (what the hell) the slides are up now. The Lost&Found evening went down like this: the doors opened, I was playing some obscure Meat Loaf songs, including a lot from his Motown soul era [download .mp3], and some related musical goodness (like… Posted , filed under Life & tagged with .

Tonight at Lost&Found

At this moment, I’m in Amsterdam, where I am to hold a presentation about the mythical thing Meat Loaf won’t do for love. Check back on Sunday for my thoughts on the whole thing, the slides, photographic evidence, etc.

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The prime-minister needs to STFU

While I should be doing constructive — like working on that presentation for Friday, or planning what to cook for nine people on Saturday — my mind can’t stop going over something our prime-minister said. Yesterday, in an interview for ‘Hour of Power’ (the interview starts about 33 minutes in), he said Omdat je zonder… Read more »

Random thoughts (2008-02-15)

Trying to install Ubuntu on an old Sony Vaio might just drive me to insanity # after multiple (probably external CD-rom related) failures, trying again with xubuntu … if this does not work, I’m giving up # Wat is nog irritanter dan de KPN-"goedemoggel" TV reclame? Juist: de radio versie. Of de mensen die het… Read more »

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Meme time: Random ten

It’s simple: load all your music in your favorite player, shuffle/randomize, and post the first ten tracks that come up. Queensrÿche – I Don’t Believe In Love Winter Rose – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again Black Sabbath – Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me) [mp3] Keane – We Might As Well Be… Read more »