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hail the thief to

Stolen from Matthew Balwin’s And Great Lyrics Quiz Rock Roll The: below, you find the words to five reasonably well known songs, in alphabetical order, with each word appearing just once (regardless of how many times it appears in the actual song). Try to name the corresponding songs. a again ain’t alone am and apart… Read more »

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First Lines: High Fidelity

One thing I have always wondered is how people manage to read several books at once. Well, not so much at once, but why would you start in a book while you still haven’t finished another? About two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to spend less time behind my computer, and with TV… Read more »

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First Lines: Lifting Shadows

Two of the things I really, really love are music, and facts. The first one should come as no surprise, and neither should the second. Not only do I love lists of little, useless facts, but I also love to know everything about anything I am really interested in. So a lushly designed, authorized biography… Read more »

I reject this adjective in the strongest possible terms

Why is it, that when something is condemned, rejected or expressed “in the strongest possible terms” you never hear any terms that could be labeled as “strongest possible”? If I were to reject something “in the strongest possible terms”, I would, at the very least, add the word “crapdammit” to indicate my level of my… Read more »

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List mania IV

After having them lay around for up to six weeks, these links still smelled somewhat fresh. Why I love vinyl: Sleeve Heads. Also, Sleeveface. Say, you’re making a movie about D-Day, and you need to storm the beach. You only have three actors. What would you do? Remember that Sony bouncy-ball ad? Doing it for… Read more »

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