First Lines: High Fidelity

One thing I have always wondered is how people manage to read several books at once. Well, not so much at once, but why would you start in a book while you still haven’t finished another? About two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to spend less time behind my computer, and with TV being a bore and all, I picked up that hardcover Dream Theater biography. Hardcover first editions are nice, but when you read mostly in bed, they’re a bit impractical. But sitting on the couch, they’re quite manageble.

Apparently, it’s quite easy reading two books concurrently. In the evening, I read one book, and in bed, I work my way through another. At the moment, that other book is non-fiction, and I still have to see if this experiment will still work out as I try to tackle two works of fiction at the same time. But we’ll see. Or I could lapse.


Book read
Nick Hornby — High Fidelity
First line
My desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable split-ups, in chronological order:

1.) Alison Ashworth,
2.) Penny Hardwick,
3.) Jackie Allen,
4.) Charlie Nicholson,
5.) Sarah Kendrew.

Every review I’ve skimmed about either the book or the movie mentions the record store, the endless top five lists, the musical snobbery and all that other stuff that is just window dressing to the story of some guy who has a bit of an identity crisis when his girlfriend leaves him for the neighbor from up the stairs. Basically, it’s just a love story. But one that’s very funny and terribly well written. I’m definitely going to read more Hornby.