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First lines: Duma Key

Without a doubt, Duma Key is one of Stephen King’s finest works. In his oeuvre, it can be placed somewhere between Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Sure, there’s some spooky stuff, but like Shawshank and Mile, it’s first and foremost about the people. Highly recommended. Book read Stephen King —… Read more »

This is just pathetic

According to the latest statistics, the market share for Firefox is just 16,4% in The Netherlands. Which leaves us second to last in Europe, with only Ukraine below us. This post was brought to you using Firefox 3 ?5. Get Firefox now.

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No promises, no debts

My momma always told me that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. (Actually, I can’t recall her ever telling me that, but bear with me.) Your mother probably told you the same thing, as it seems like something every mother is bound to tell sooner or later. And if it wasn’t your mother who… Read more »

Meme time 3: Musical navel gazing

Since I’m way too lazy to do some real blogging, I stole this from the internets. Deal with it. ;-) The instructions for this one are simple: open up your favorite music player (in my case, foobar 2000) and answer the following questions truthfully. How many songs total: 12,291 How many hours or days of… Read more »

This one’s for you

As a Springsteen fan and someone who has a soft spot for tastefully played organs in rock music, it saddened me to learn that E Street Band keyboardist Danny Federici died yesterday. Here’s two songs to celebrate his life and music. Bruce Springsteen – Give the Girl a Kiss (1977 Darkness on the Edge of… Read more »