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[Editor’s note: I’ve got to rant about some Dutch issues. Summary in English behind the jump.] Deze week heb ik mij gruwelijk opgewonden over het verwerpelijke gedrag van diverse mensen die overlopend van Christelijke naastenliefde namens de Christenunie mensen hun privé-opvattingen op willen dringen. Begin deze week stuurt staatssecretaris Jet Bussemaker (VWN, PvdA) een brief… Read more »

True story

So I’m sitting at the bar, sippin’ my beer, minding my own damn business. This guy waiting on his order asks me if one of the bartenders is always this cute. Since it’s the first time I’ve seen her there, I tell him I have no clue. But now, I’m kinda thinking that it wouldn’t… Read more »

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Status update

It’s thursday evening, and for the seventh week in a row, I’m sitting at home instead of playing volleyball. And I think it’s safe to say that for me the season is over. April 16, which was incidently seven weeks ago, was the the last round of our recreative volleyball competition. That night, we had… Read more »

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Things I learned this week

Trying if I can keep up this new feature (which is, of course, shamelessly stolen). Here are some things I did not know this time last week: Emmen lies in Overijssel, too. Internet Explorer enforces a maximum length for urls at 2083 characters. The Netherlands has an ‘interdepartmental workforce for cartoon issues‘. Trick shots are… Read more »

Slow week

Another one of those. Blue Monday Tuesday‘s Gone Waiting for Wednesday Thursday Friday Night Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? All on a Sunday [mp3] Full disclaimer: thursday and friday are more or less randomly chosen.

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