First lines: Hogfather

So: Pratchett, Discworld, Hogfather.

When reading the first two Discworld (1, 2) novels in order wasn’t exactly working out for me—and I was told that the first few weren’t all that to begin with—I took a random plunge in the middle of the proverbial pool. As much as I think I like this book, I’m still not entirely won over. I’ve got Soul Music lined up next, but really, if that one doesn’t get me hook, line and sinker, I’d might as well call it quits.

What am I doing wrong here? Am I expecting too much? Have people misled me with their (presumably) strictly hetrosexual manlove for Terry Pratchett? And while I’m not naming names as I’m far above that mundane stuff, I’m sternly looking at the messrs. Van der Wetering and Van Hees here.

Terry Pratchett — Hogfather
Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree.