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First lines: Hogfather

So: Pratchett, Discworld, Hogfather. When reading the first two Discworld (1, 2) novels in order wasn’t exactly working out for me—and I was told that the first few weren’t all that to begin with—I took a random plunge in the middle of the proverbial pool. As much as I think I like this book, I’m… Read more »

Things that don’t make sense

A short list of things I can’t quite make sense of at the moment: Having to leave the most kick-ass concert of the year early (thus missing most of the encore) to catch the last train home; Having a train stand still on the tracks for a good ten minutes, then backing up, wait some… Read more »

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One hundred

One hundred posts ago — or as fate would have it, exactly one year ago next Sunday — I started posting at this location. Woo-didely-hoo. Browsing back through the archives, I can’t say I’ve gotten quite the hang of it. Yet. While I didn’t start out with a clear defined goal, I must admit that… Read more »

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First lines: God is not Great

After having read Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion last year, there probably was no need to read Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. And if I had actually read its first line (see below) or turned to page 69 (as per Marshall McLuhen), I probably wouldn’t have bothered. Like Dawkins, Hitchens… Read more »


What would you call someone who had eight copies of the same album? Well, as of today, you may call me just that. My eighth copy (and my third vinyl version) of Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell… arrived today. What makes this version different from the other two LP versions… Read more »