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First Lines: Pet Sematary

What if your cat gets killed in the road, and you decide to bury it in an old and Indian (Native American if you’re so inclined) burial ground. What if it returns the next day, almost brand spanking new but totally different just the same? What if it wasn’t your cat, but your kid? That’s… Read more »

What I learned these last two weeks

Last week, I wasn’t the only one whose internet connection crapped out. Unicorns do exist, invisible pink ones too. Tom Egberts is 50+. This would be around the right time to invade Belgium: their army is almost out of ammunition. Apparently, every movie becomes an instant classic once you cut a trailer to Clint Mansell’s… Read more »

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Boss time

Last wednesday, Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Band played the Amsterdam Arena. And I was there, for my first Springsteen concert. What a mighty fine gig it was. Sure, it probably wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever seen, but man, that energy, that showmanship, that set list—although my two alltime favorite tracks (“Thunder Road” and… Read more »

Bring it on!

As of about fifteen minutes ago, it’s Firefox 3 Download Day 2008. Just ignore the hype of trying to set the Guinness World Record for most downloaded software in 24 hours and do yourself a solid favor: get your copy this very minute (or the very first minute you can, as, predictably, their servers seem… Read more »

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Just so you know

Crappy internets sucked the blog out of me.

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