It figures

This morning I woke up, and my knee was doing perfectly fine for the first time in weeks. As seems to be its habit whenever somebody is finally taking a look at it. Apart from some minor discomfort while cycling, everything seemed alright. So, I wasn’t surprised when the two x-rays of my knee did not show anything unusual. Nor was I surprised that even when the physician assistant ¹ tried to provoke my knee into a hissy fit, it would not budge.

Even though nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, the next step is an MRI—maybe that’ll show something—sometime in August. And yes, their either that busy or that understaffed during the summer. More on that when there’s more on that.

On a final note: apparently, I am moonlighting at the ministry of silly walks, and I was told it’s time for me to resign my post. Or, as it says on the referral, I need some walking instructions. Insert your lame jokes about marching orders here.

1. Advanced type of nurse. Insert your best Animaniacs imitation here. back