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Buigen of barsten

[This is my final post in Dutch on the current embryo screening issue in The Netherlands. That is, until I get worked up about it again.] Het laatste waar je op moet hopen in het embryoselectiedebakel is een onzalig compromis dat de goedkeuring van de ChristenUnie weg kan dragen. En, als je het mij vraagt,… Read more »


There’s this post I am working on. It’s nearly done. When it’s done, it should tie all the loose ends in the embryo screening fiasco (you know, the stuff I wrote about in Dutch) neatly together. But then the largest party in the coalition (finally) announced their position: with certain preconditions, they are “not against”… Read more »

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Several things I learned this week (3)

A selfportrait by Rembrandt that wasn’t discovered until last year when it turned up at an auction—Rembrandt Laughing—can be seen in the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam until june 29th. Sunsets on Mars are awesome too. What all those Christian clichés mean. Also, after seeing this map of heaven, I know for sure it’s not for me…. Read more »

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Today’s random thoughts

The best idea I had for a post yesterday was a simple one-liner: if you wear an orange wig, the terrorists win. And as you can see now for yourself, it isn’t a very good one either. So much for my attempt at posting something every day for a week. Looking through the statistics, I… Read more »

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The European football championship is starting on monday. If anyone sees me wearing anything orange or adorn my house with flags and all kinds of orange crap, please, shoot me and put me out of my misery.

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