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Ongoing affairs

Two things. One for my international readers, and an update on the Dutch thing I went on about saturday. Again, in Dutch. Yesterday my knee wouldn’t budge when provocated, and I was being smug about it. Today, well, let’s just say that my knee got wind of my smugness and decided it was time for… Read more »

It figures

This morning I woke up, and my knee was doing perfectly fine for the first time in weeks. As seems to be its habit whenever somebody is finally taking a look at it. Apart from some minor discomfort while cycling, everything seemed alright. So, I wasn’t surprised when the two x-rays of my knee did… Read more »

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Three sixty-five

If I had written this post yesterday, I would have said that it has been an full year since the first ever appearance of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats on the internets. But since I’m writing this today, it would not make sense to say that. So I’ll just say that it’s been exactly a year today… Read more »

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What I learned this week 2

Another sunday, another list of things I did not know this time last week. Upon the release of Firefox 3, Mozilla is trying to set the world record for most software downloads in 24 hours. Regardless the utter and total ugliness of their regular stuff, these Crocs look kinda acceptable. Black Metal ist krieg. The… Read more »

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First lines: Mr. Justice Maxell

With over 170 novels, 24 plays and a couple of screenplays (including a first draft of “King Kong”), you can’t say that Edgar Wallace was not a prolific writer. Mr. Justice Maxell (1922) is one of his many crime novels. If this book is representative for the crime genre, I would say it’s not my… Read more »

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