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Revalidation: 16.666% complete

One week down, five to go. Actually, that’s a bit misleading. I still got five weeks left that I may not put any weight on my left knee. Then, I have an appointment with my orthopedist, and presumably, I may slowly start to use that damn leg again, and should be free of those damned… Read more »

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Long way to the top (if you wanna rock n’ roll)

Monday’s operation was a cakewalk on easy street. The situation in my knee was slightly worse then could be seen from the MRI, which means that I’ll now have to walk around on crutches for at least six weeks. That leads to a whole new set of complications to which I haven’t found a sollution… Read more »

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Cakewalk on Easy Street

Today at ten AM—which is just about the time this post becomes public—I am expected to check myself into the hospital for a knee operation. Sometime later this afternoon, I can take my crutches and go. The rest of the week I will be taking a break from the internet while I suffer and have… Read more »

First lines: Stardust

One Wednesday night last October, I had some free time on my hands. ‘Twas the night before my holiday in the south of France, and I didn’t feel like sitting at home. So I went to the cinema to see Stardust. As with most movies I really like, the reviews were lukewarm at best, and… Read more »

WordPress Hacks

This is just a note for future reference or a possible quick fix for those who experience the same problem: after upgrading to WordPress 2.6 earlier today, all my special characters became a garbled mess. As I use quite a lot of them—don’t you just love crème brûlée and em-dashes?—that is quite unacceptable. Commenting out… Read more »