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Sleepy time

Tomorrow afternoon, I have an appointment with an anesthesiologist. As far as I know, we’ll go over the list of questions about my health—which basically is a long list of “no’s”: no medicines, no medical conditions apart from my knee, no allergic reactions to anything, no nothing—and if he or she (I have no clue… Read more »

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First lines: Animal Farm

The first time I read Animal Farm was back in high school, when I had to read a load of books for my English classes. Since then, I kinda figured out that I only like reading when I don’t have too, so it’s safe to assume I found it a drag. Luckily my teacher allowed… Read more »

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First lines: Soul Music

Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced here—just take a look at that cover, add to that some nuggets like one out of three ain’t bad and I remember everything. […] Every little detail. As if it happened only yesterday. and top it of with a motorcycle crashing after seeing that sudden curve way too late ¹—but… Read more »

Things I learned this week (five)

The joys of eating home-made crème brûlée totaly outweigh the hassle of making home-made crème brûlée. While I knew about American football, I never knew there’s such a thing as an American football indoor league. And apparently, you can rent out the space in the black stuff beneath your eyes as advertising space. In other… Read more »

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I know you kneeded and update

When I got my appointment for a MRI-scan of my messed up knee in early August, it’s a good thing I didn’t get overly enthusiastic and booked a holiday, as I said I might. Due to a opening in the schedule, that MRI took place two weeks ago, and today, I got the results. The… Posted , filed under Life & tagged with .