First Lines: Four Past Midnight

One of my favorite stories by Stephen King is one of his shorter ones, Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption. So when I acquired another five books to fill out my collection, I picked up Four Past Midnight first, as it is a similar volume as the one that contains Shawshank, Different Seasons.

Of the four stories in this book, I knew vaguely what Secret Window, Secret Garden was about, and I do have a shady image of the mini-series based on The Langoliers: furry little creatures that devour the world around some airplane. Beyond that, my mind was a blank canvas. Spoilers ahoy!

The Langoliers turned out to be pretty much what I remembered: when today is done, little hungry creatures come to devour the past. Secret Window, Secret Garden is your typical ‘he was the guy he was looking for himself all along’, The Library Policeman tells of the guy who comes to get you when you fail to return your book to the library (do you still wonder why I don’t deal with libraries, except by looking at the pretty ones?) and finally, The Sun Dog deals with one messed up Polaroid camera. It’s also a prelude to the things happening in Needful Things.

Book read
Stephen King — Four Past Midnight
First line
Well, look at this — we’re all here.