Yada yada bla bla (week four, if you’re keeping score)

Another week nearly gone. And yet again, I’ve got nothing to say. This sitting around indoors isn’t providing much inspiration. Okay, so I went to see The Dark Knight last Thursday, but who’s waiting on another review? No, these days, I’m mostly just killing time. Sometimes with some work (the muse of inspiration seems to have taken a holiday, though), but mostly with some reading (not really getting anywhere with Nineteen Eight-Four) and lots of television (the Dutchies are kinda letting me down in the Olympics). No, it’s not something I’d advise to anyone, not being able to stand for a six week minimum. But then again, it wasn’t like I had any options, did I? I was lying half paralyzed from that big freaking needle they shoved up my spine, and someone who supposedly knows what’s best for knees because he has studied the matter for some time and cuts ’em up on a regular basis says that this course of action is the one to take. Who am I to disagree? I know stuff. I know quite a lot of different stuff. But do I know anything about the best course of action for a knee that’s all messed up? No sir, I do not. That’s why I let people who do know that stuff tell me what’s best for me, and I go with the program. Even when I suspect that I won’t like the program. ‘Cause sometimes, well, you gotta take the bitter medicine, and swallow it.

Thus ends this selfindulgent whinefest. Thanks for indulging me.