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First lines: The Alchemyst

No, this is not that Paolo Coelho book about following your dreams. This is that book about twins in pursuit of the Book of Abraham the Mage, which contains the secret to life everlasting and might just as well bring on the total destruction of the world if it falls in the wrong hands. You… Read more »

Another year over

So, ehm, tradition seems to dictate that I should pay some attention to a certain singer today, as it’s his 57th or 61st birthday (more on that can still be found in the archive). I know, I might just as well break with the tradition if I don’t give a damn, but then I’d have… Read more »

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Respect my authority

Roughly translated from an interview in Vrij Nederland with the commander in chief, our minister of defense, his excellency mr. Eimert van Middelkoop: I was very happy that there was a legal way for me not to be drafted. During those two days of the military physical I felt: this is totally not for me…. Read more »

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