First lines: Eclips

Suddenly, the left half of the world vanishes, and he is forced to make a right turn, straight into the canal. After just making it out alive, Kees Zomer walks away undamaged. Apart from his memory and speech, that is. For a week he wanders around, trying to find his way home, the memories he’s lost and barely able to make himself understood. Some curious characters help him on his way, until he finally finds himself again.

J. Bernlef’s most popular novel, Hersenschimmen, is (supposedly, as I haven’t read it) about a man who slowly slides into dementia. In Eclips, it’s the other way around: a man slowly regains his memories and ability to speak after suffering a stroke.

J. Bernlef — Eclips
Ik moet naar rechts, van de weg af.