Another year over

So, ehm, tradition seems to dictate that I should pay some attention to a certain singer today, as it’s his 57th or 61st birthday (more on that can still be found in the archive). I know, I might just as well break with the tradition if I don’t give a damn, but then I’d have to stop with the annual celebrations on November 1st too. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair. (Okay, so technically I could decide just not to give a damn, but still, I need some content here every now and then.)

Well, then. Let’s see. What’s there to say? How ’bout this: happy birthday mr. Loaf. Good luck with recording your new album, and when that’s done and you feel like it’s time to take it out on the road and do a show in The Netherlands, just don’t worry about giving a good show, and just give it all you got.

And now the obligatory downloads: couple of weeks ago, someone was looking for a copy of American Trilogy as performed by Meat Loaf during some Elvis tribute back in ’87. Some other people expected that I would have that song. And you might not believe it, but I didn’t. So I did what any internetgeek would do, found the clip online, and ripped the music from it. That made someone quite happy. But, apparently, he did two other songs at the same tribute. Especially for this joyous occasion, I gave them the same treatment. Get the whole lot on the download page.
(If you got any complaints about the sound quality, you can always supply me with a better source.)