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First lines: Gerald’s Game

A solitary cabin in the woods of western Maine. Gerald lies dead on the floor, which leaves his wife with a tiny problem, as she lies handcuffed to the bed. End of chapter one. Jessie has to find a way to escape, otherwise a certain death by dehydration (or perhaps, madness) awaits. During the remaining… Read more »

It’s always good to be back home

For those of you who didn’t catch yesterday’s hint: I’m back home in Amersfoort. There’s still some work left to be done on my knee, which does of course mean that I’m still walking around with two of those damned crutches, but still: I’m home. On a entirely coincidental side note: tomorrow I’m going to… Read more »

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Two things

First lines: Philip en de anderen Supposedly, this book is about a boy waking up to the real world. I thought it was mostly a incoherent snoozefest. Cees Nooteboom — Philip en de anderen Mijn oom Antonin Alexander was een vreemde man. Tomorrow

Slowly getting there

Six weeks and three days have passed since my knee operation. Tuesday I went to the hospital for the planned check-up. Within five minutes the doctor had established that my knee looked alright enough to start the revalidation. And by revalidation I mean start to put some weight on it again. So, therefore, today my… Read more »

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First lines: Eclips

Suddenly, the left half of the world vanishes, and he is forced to make a right turn, straight into the canal. After just making it out alive, Kees Zomer walks away undamaged. Apart from his memory and speech, that is. For a week he wanders around, trying to find his way home, the memories he’s… Read more »

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