Brel est mort, vive Brel!

Thirty years ago today, Jacques Brel died. To be quite honest, I know next to nothing about him, apart from that he was supposedly quite an influential composer, lyricist and performer. And that some of my favorite singers have covered him. So here are some links to some Brel covers on Youtube for your enjoyment, with some links to the originals as well:

On the DVD of Wende’s last release, Chante!, there is a magnificent version of ‘Au suivant’, but sadly, the only online version I could find doesn’t do it justice at all. The way she completely explodes during the finale… Well, it just makes me very happy I got some tickets for her next concert here in Amersfoort (there are still some tickets left). So, as an extraspecial doubleplusgood bonus, here’s the audio.
? Download Au suivant (right click, save as…)