First lines: Dolores Claiborne

You mustn’t read Dolores Claiborne, they say, ‘cus it’s just some old woman sittin’ with some coppers, tellin them the story of her life, and how she killed that no-good husband of hers. Just some fine advice that I’ve been given. But in my quest to read every book that Stephen King has written, it had to come sooner or later.

Like I said before, I prefer King when he doesn’t go wild on the gore and goes for the characters. And character is Dolores Claiborne is all about. And then mainly that old woman who killed her husband thirty years earlier (incidentally during the same eclipse that haunted Jessie Burlington in Gerald’s Game), and is now suspected of murdering that old witch she works for.

Book read
Stephen King — Dolores Claiborne
First line
What did you ask, Andy Bissette?