Dear Lazyweb,

While I’ll be away for the weekend, I want you to solve something for me.

You see, after I posted on the various Bonnie Tyler singles last months, one of my contacts provided me with two alternative single versions. One was a four minute edit, and the other (from the 1991 compilation The Collection) had some some minor changes and added bits. It opens with a soft choral bit, and there are some sound effects added around the guitar solo.

I was a bit surprised to hear that. And then I got currious and wanted to know everything about it.

So here’s what we’ll do: I’ll give the file, and you give me the facts. You’ll tell me if this is some sort of Canada-only remix, or that it’s a special version on a single from some obscure country like the US, you’ll give me catalogue numbers and what not. In return, I’ll be very happy, try to get me a physical copy in whatever appropriate format there is, and I’ll give you an updated version of that other part of my website on monday.


Alrighty then. Here’s the file:
? Download BonnieTyler-LovingYousADirtyJob-(WeirdVersion).mp3 (right click, save as…)

update 20081118 thanks for nothing. file gone now.