Two things you should know

  1. This week, Last.FM suggested I should listen to Axl Rose & Meat Loaf. As a knowledgable Meat Loaf fan and occasional Guns ‘n Roses listener, that irked me beyond belief, as no such thing exists. The song floating around as being “[King] Herod’s Song” (from “Jesus Christ Superstar”) by Axl Rose and Meat Loaf, Guns n’ Roses feat. Meatloaf or whatever demented combination thereof is in fact a track from one of those low-budget, sound-alike-cover-version compilations. In this case, it’s taken from “The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber”, which probably is a reissue of an older, similar set. For those who won’t take my word for it: has an audio preview (direct link to WMA), and here’s the reference file (Megaupload, for as long as it’s up).

    So, once and for all and for future reference on the internet: there is no Axl Rose & Meat Loaf version of “King Herod’s Song”. It is sung by some anonymous guy for some crappy compilation.

    (Thanks to Wordnix on RR for helping to find the facts.)

  2. People who talk through concerts, find text messaging, soccer results and standing obnoxiously close to other people more important than listening to what’s going on on stage are very annoying, and they should be taken outside to be roughhoused by a quartet of guinnea pigs.