Searching is easy

Every modern browser I know has a build-in, customizable web search feature. Yes, even Internet Explorer 7. ¹ So what I still can’t quite figure out, is why there are still a lot of people who *insert “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” joke here*.

Looking something up is very easy: just hit CTRL+E (if you use Windows, on a Mac it’s probably CMD), type in what you’re looking for, and hit return. Easy as that. Or alternatively, if you’re reading a page and come across a name or book or something else you want to know more about, you can select that text, right-click (or the appropriate keystroke), and select the search option from the context menu. Works in all browsers but IE7.

And really, that’s it. Alright, depending on what information you’re looking for, you might have to jiggle the keywords around a bit to get to the right information, but apart from a couple of strategically placed quotation marks there’s a good chance you won’t need anything fancy. ²

Now that you know how it’s done, it’s only a matter of practice. And don’t be surprised if the next time you ask me a question that a simple search would have answered I tell you to just fucking Google it.

  1. No, IE6 is not a modern browser. It’s a 7-year-old relic from a different age which should have been phased out when IE7 was released over two years ago. If you’re still using it, you should upgrade to any alternative as soon as possible. back
  2. Every once in a while I do use the site: modifier to search for some information on a specific website. So when I was looking for some archived posts about my knee, I used this query: knee. back